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TICKS & TODOS: 8 Todo Lists / 3 Ticks
RATING: Moderate
LENGTH: 2-4 hours
GEAR: Standard Via Ferrata Gear
SEASON: Late Spring through Fall
Fri Hi:43 Lo:32 Sat Hi:43 Lo:30 Sun Hi:45 Lo:31 Mon Hi:43 Lo:31 Tue Hi:36 Lo:28
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Via Ferrata routes are quite common in Europe. They began in World War I as a means to move troops and equipment over difficult mountainous terrain. Via Ferrata is Italian for Iron Way, and refers to installing iron steps and other aids up difficult rock sections of peaks in the mountains. There are a few Via's in the US, but they are not nearly as common as in Europe.

In modern times, Via's has become a popular recreational outing in Europe, with different routes offering different difficulties from easy and suitable to all to more difficult routes aimed at those with Via Ferrata experience. They have become so popular that in some places, such as Spain, local communities encourage and create new Via routes to promote tourism.

A Via Ferrata route typically has fixed cables to clip into, as well as rod steps and hand holds in more difficult sections. These are much easier than technical rock climbing, but do require a bit of technical experience and equipment. A harness and 2 energy absorbing lanyards, such as the Petzl Scorpio, are used. One lanyard is un-clipped at a time when passing over cable mounts. One must ALWAYS be clipped in at a time for safety.

Experienced climbers will be comfortable using slings as the safety lanyards, but be very careful! Even a short fall on a static sling can cause serious injury or death. Beginners and those without Via experience are recommended to use Via specific equipment until you understand the system and risks.

Kroger Via
Having done Via's in Italy and Spain, I was intrigued when I heard about the one in Colorado. The ones I have done in Europe have ranged in difficulty and exposure from "yawn" to "holy **** that's cool!" So, how does the Kroger Via compare? I was pleasantly surprised to find it a fantastic moderate Via. Mostly easy, with a few sections of fantastic exposure and movement. It makes a great day out!

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