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TICKS & TODOS: 14 Todo Lists / 2 Ticks
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear. This route requires advanced navigation. Bring good map skills.
RAPPELS: 4 to 33 m ( 109 ft. )
WATER: Typically little swimming, but spots of possible deep wading. A wetsuit is needed in all but the hottest weather.
SEASON: Spring through Fall
Tue Hi:71 Lo:47 Wed Hi:75 Lo:48 Thu Hi:78 Lo:51 Fri Hi:78 Lo:54 Sat Hi:76 Lo:52
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Burro Wash is a great technical canyon in Capitol Reef. The approach is lengthy, requiring either a long car shuttle or a bit of a grunt up the reef. This description takes the grunt up the reef approach and requires no car shuttle.

The canyon is not particularly technical, making it a good choice for all abilities. All-in-all, this is just a lovely day out in Capitol Reef. Expect big views, and a few great slot sections.

Note: If you are not a technical canyoneer, hiking up Burro from the bottom provides a pleasant and interesting hike. I highly recommend it. Hiking up from the bottom was one of my first tastes of Capitol Reef National Park in the late 1990's and it definitely got me hooked.

Note: Burro Wash is commonly done either as a loop canyoneering adventure or as a shuttled route requiring two 4x4's and a fairly burdensome shuttle. Both routes are described below. I like and recommend the loop route. The additional hiking is, to me, more pleasant than the car shuttle and the views on the approach are quite nice. Time wise you are probably not saving much doing a car shuttle. For what it's worth, of the 6 or 8 people I know that have done the route both ways, all recommend the loop route!

My exception to the loop route would be if you are fool hardy enough to do Burro Wash in the summer when temperatures are high. If doing it that way, the shuttle route and a crack of dawn start may make more sense. Better yet, save this canyon for spring or fall when temperatures are reasonable!

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