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RATING: Easy to Moderate Hiking
LENGTH: 1+ hours
MAPS: Bryce Canyon, UT; Bryce Point, UT;


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WATER: None on the trails.


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Named after Ebenezer Bryce in 1874, Bryce Canyon is part of the Grand Circle that includes Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. Unlike Zion or the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon is not nearly as heavily visited as Zion and the Grand Canyon, and has a smaller feel, but with equally splendid scenery. The park overlooks and encompasses an amphitheater-like area full of towers, hoodoos, windows, and passages. This is unique scenery!

Though visitation peaks in the summer, I would recommend visiting in the winter. The red and orange colors that make up the cliffs and hoodoos are even more dramatic with a fresh white backdrop of snow.

Note: The park campgrounds and nearby lodging can fill up in peak season. I would recommend planning ahead if visiting in peak season, or being willing to travel a bit from the park to find camping or a hotel. Kodachrome State Park, about 25 minutes from Bryce, offers an excellent alternative to camping in the park.
Winter Hiking Note: Hiking in the winter is very possible. A few park trails and roads close in the winter, but many are snow packed and frequently traveled. Yak tracks or similar shoe traction devices strongly recommended.
Panorama from the Peekaboo Loop

Getting There

The park is south of UT-12, about 25 miles south-east of Panguitch, or 50 miles west of Escalante.



It is hard to go wrong hiking in Bryce. Here are a few of my recommendations based on motivation and fitness levels:

Short and Family Friendly (1 mile): The rim trail is the easiest trail in the park and offers easy access to a family friendly hike suitable to all. At the very least, hiking between Sunrise and Sunset Points is a good introduction. To be fair, you can't really experience the canyon without hiking down off the rim though.

A Bit More Adventurous Family (1.3 miles): The Navajo Loop trail is THE hike to do in Bryce. At about 1.3 miles and 550 feet of elevation loss/gain this one is also suitable for most and very highly recommended. It descends off Sunset Point down through a deep and narrow canyon before looping back. You see pictures from this hike everywhere, from calendars to books. If you can only do one hike, this is the one I would recommend.

Good Hike (3.0 miles): For a bit more adventure, going down the Navajo Loop Trail (south loop) and circling back via the Queens Garden Trail offers a bigger hike with a bit more varied terrain.

Longer Day Hike: Descend Queens Garden to Navajo Loop Trail. Go up the south side of Navajo Loop to the narrow section, return and continue south to Peekaboo. Go on the west side of the Peekaboo Loop trail, then up to Bryce Point. Some times of the year you can take the park shuttle from here (6-ish miles total). Other times you will need to follow the rim trail back to your vehicle. (9-ish total miles)

The Fairyland Loop was my first hike in Bryce. It is about 8 miles, and good, but in my opinion, not as dramatic as the Queens/Navajo/Peekaboo loop suggest above. It receives less traffic than the Navajo/Queens loop area, so if getting away from crowds is your goal, it is a good place to look.


Printable Maps:
Sunrise Point

12S 397390mE 4165200mN

N37° 37' 42" W112° 09' 46"

Sunset Point

12S 397103mE 4164594mN

N37° 37' 22" W112° 09' 58"

Inspiration Point

12S 396836mE 4163575mN

N37° 36' 49" W112° 10' 08"

Bryce Point

12S 397788mE 4162711mN

N37° 36' 21" W112° 09' 29"

Fairyland Point

12S 398783mE 4167506mN

N37° 38' 57" W112° 08' 51"


12S 397778mE 4164052mN

N37° 37' 04" W112° 09' 30"

Junction - Horse Trail

12S 397740mE 4164902mN

N37° 37' 32" W112° 09' 32"

Junction - Peekaboo North

12S 397774mE 4164018mN

N37° 37' 03" W112° 09' 30"

Junction - Peekaboo South

12S 397706mE 4162907mN

N37° 36' 27" W112° 09' 32"

Junction - Fairyland Loop

12S 397409mE 4165612mN

N37° 37' 55" W112° 09' 46"


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