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RATING: Easy Hiking
MAPS: Henrieville, UT;


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SEASON: Any, hot in summer.
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
WATER: Available at visitor center or campground.


90 | 53


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Kodachrome Basin is the place I would recommend if the crowds at Bryce Canyon are getting you down (or the campground is full). Though small, Kodachrome Basin State Park boasts some of the best scenery of any Utah State Park I have been too. Towers, vivid colors, and many short and medium length hiking trails will keep most happily occupied.

The park was named by National Geographic in 1948 after the film they used when visiting the iconic area on an expedition. The name stuck and the park officially opened in 1963. With an excellent campground and far fewer crowds than Bryce, this is a good recommendation to round out a weekend. The park hiking trails will keep a family occupied for a weekend, but a motivated hiker can visit most of the trails in a day.

Kodachrome Basin

Getting There

From Cannonville Utah, go south on Main Street. This becomes Kodachrome Road and Cottonwood Canyon Road. Follow this road about 7 miles to the signed junction with Kodachrome Basin on the left. Follow the park road about a mile to the entrance gate.


My Trail Recommendations

Angel's Palace Trail: At about 1.5 miles, this makes a good family friendly hike with big views! The loop has several narrow viewpoints that offer breathtaking exposure and many picture opportunities.

Panorama Trail: Lots of options on this loop, from about 3 miles to 6. I would recommend making the full 6-mile loop if possible. The "Cool Cave" toward the northwest side of the loop is quite neat and tucked in a picturesque canyon. The views from Panorama Point are very good as well.

Shakespeare Arch – Sentinel Trail: Two options on this one, both options visit Shakespeare Arch and the Sentinel Trail. On the return, however, the slickrock variation takes an elegant route up and over the hill giving views of Shakespeare Arch from above as well as distance views of the park. The alternate returns via a much less interesting route along the base of the hill. The slickrock variation is highly recommended and only slightly tricky. Most would have no issue with it.

Chimney Rock: Not a hike, but making the drive out to Chimney Rock is recommended and makes a great lunch spot.


Angels Palace / 1.60 miles / Elevation Range 5,843 - 5,970 ft.
Shakespeare Arch / 1.71 miles / Elevation Range 5,857 - 5,974 ft.
Panorama Point Long Loop / 4.93 miles / Elevation Range 5,762 - 5,961 ft.
Printable Maps:
Shakespeare Arch - Snteinel Trailhead

12S 413543mE 4151979mN

N37° 30' 39" W111° 58' 42"


12S 413208mE 4151695mN

N37° 30' 29" W111° 58' 55"

Easy - Harder Junction

12S 413331mE 4151424mN

N37° 30' 20" W111° 58' 50"

Chimney Rock

12S 414462mE 4153473mN

N37° 31' 27" W111° 58' 05"

Angels Palace Trailhead

12S 412310mE 4153990mN

N37° 31' 43" W111° 59' 33"

Panorama Trailhead

12S 412359mE 4153326mN

N37° 31' 22" W111° 59' 31"

Loop Junction 1

12S 411906mE 4153170mN

N37° 31' 17" W111° 59' 49"

Indian Cave

12S 411946mE 4153420mN

N37° 31' 25" W111° 59' 47"

Ballerina Spire

12S 411846mE 4153728mN

N37° 31' 35" W111° 59' 52"

Hat Shop

12S 411857mE 4153884mN

N37° 31' 40" W111° 59' 51"

Panorama and Secret Junction

12S 411309mE 4153750mN

N37° 31' 35" W112° 00' 13"

Panorama Shortcut Junction

12S 411252mE 4153691mN

N37° 31' 33" W112° 00' 16"

Panorama Shortcut Junction 2

12S 411151mE 4153348mN

N37° 31' 22" W112° 00' 20"

Lollipop Junction

12S 410627mE 4153639mN

N37° 31' 31" W112° 00' 41"


12S 410418mE 4154269mN

N37° 31' 52" W112° 00' 50"

Lollipop Junction 2

12S 410470mE 4153911mN

N37° 31' 40" W112° 00' 48"

Panorama Point

12S 410882mE 4152518mN

N37° 30' 55" W112° 00' 30"

Return Junction

12S 411114mE 4152938mN

N37° 31' 09" W112° 00' 21"


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