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TICKS & TODOS: 30 Todo Lists / 10 Ticks
RATING: Easy Hiking
LENGTH: 1-3 Hours
GEAR: If doing the rappel, 1-70 m ( 230 ft. ) or 2-60 m ( 197 ft. ) ropes.
RAPPELS: 1 Optional
Tue Hi:74 Lo:49 Wed Hi:78 Lo:48 Thu Hi:80 Lo:51 Fri Hi:84 Lo:54 Sat Hi:81 Lo:54
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Corona Arch, or Little Rainbow Bridge Arch as it is known on some maps, is an amazing arch just off the Potash Road. The arch itself has a 105 ft. by 140 ft. opening. The hike to the arch is well signed and suitable for all abilities, and hence very popular. Expect to see many hikers milling about its base. For the adventurous, an amazing 35 m rappel can be made from the top of the arch.

Note: As of 2015, the BLM has put a ban on rappelling Corona Arch. See original the story here. This has now become permanent.

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