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Canyoneering Constrychnine Canyon - Poison Spring Canyoneering Constrychnine Canyon
Poison Spring

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TICKS & TODOS: 25 Todo Lists / 17 Ticks
LENGTH: 4-6 Hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 3-4+ Bring 2-60 m ( 197 ft. ) Ropes, or a 60 m ( 197 ft. ) and a pull-cord
WATER: Generally mostly dry with a little wading, although right after heavy rains, you may get wet to waist deep.
SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
Fri Hi:81 Lo:51 Sat Hi:78 Lo:50 Sun Hi:80 Lo:51 Mon Hi:72 Lo:49 Tue Hi:65 Lo:47
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Constrychnine is a great, short canyon on the south side of Poison Spring. The canyon has a couple of large rappels, and one spectacular deep hallway section. One of the rappels, is off a deadman anchor, reserving this canyon for canyoneers that have good anchor skills for evaluation, and building natural anchors.

Warning: The canyon USED to have a single piton for the 3rd rappel. The piton was sketchy at best, and backing it up was recommended. In the Fall of 2010, an additional bolt was placed to back up the piton. In spring of 2011, both the piton and bolt were removed. Currently, a deadman anchor will need to be created. Advanced natural anchor skills recommended. At least one major accident has occurred when webbing failed on the natural anchor due to rubbing along an edge.

I believe this is a case where the bolt and piton should have been left; however someone felt differently. Unfortunately, this could trap someone with poor anchor skills. Go prepared!

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