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RATING: Hiking
WATER: Normally very little until the lake. Bring all you need. If backpacking, bring a filter.
SEASON: Any, no snow. Although summers can be very hot.
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The South fork of Ticaboo Canyon is a beautiful haven with an interesting history. The hike described descends an old cattle trail, still in use as of 2010, that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was a government sponsored program in the 1930's as part of the New Deal to provide jobs and vocational training:

"...The propose for me to create a civilian conservation corps to be used in simple work, not interfering with normal employment, and confining itself to forestry, the prevention of soil erosion, flood control, and similar projects. I call your attention to the fact that this type of work is of definite practical value, not only through the prevention of great present financial loss but also a means of creation future national wealth..."

- Pamphlet: Objectives and Results of the Civilian Conservation Corps Program, Robert Fechner, Director, Civilian Conservation Corps, Washington, D.C. (1938)

A testament to the construction of this, and many CCC projects, it is still in use today, some 80 years later. Although Ticaboo is wild and remote these days, it must have felt doubly so back in the 30's. The hike offers two options; an up canyon hike that ends is a box canyon at a large dryfall (4-5 hours round-trip), or a longer down canyon hike that ends at Lake Powell. (5-7 hours round-trip). The area is quiet, and you are far more likely to run into a cow or wildlife than other people. For those wanting to backpack, going down Ticaboo offers many great campsites and side canyon diversions to explore. Water is available as you near Lake Powell. Be sure to filter, however, as cows still winter in the canyon.

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