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TICKS & TODOS: 9 Todo Lists / 0 Ticks
GEAR: Pothole escape gear if doing the pothole section. Wetsuit recommended in cooler weather.
RAPPELS: 4 to 60 m ( 197 ft. )
WATER: Some pools, especially in the pothole section.
FLASHFLOOD: Moderate / High
SEASON: Spring through Fall, although it is hot in the summer.
Thu Hi:76 Lo:52 Fri Hi:81 Lo:55 Sat Hi:78 Lo:55 Sun Hi:79 Lo:54 Mon Hi:74 Lo:52
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Upper Ticaboo is a bit different from other canyon adventures in the area. It doesn't contain any narrow slot sections, but does contain fantastically carved and smooth drops and a short, but intense pothole section. The canyon is punctuated by several big rappels, as well as a unique natural bridge you rappel through mid-way down the canyon. The pothole section can be easily bypassed, making this an adventure suitable to all canyoneering abilities. It is a fairly long day, and best enjoyed in Spring and Fall before the heat sets in for the summer.

In addition to a great canyon, camping in the area is exquisite, and full of solitude. Camping at either the trailhead or exit trailhead offers an outstanding view of the sunrise and sunset over the area.

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