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Cave Creek AZ

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1 trip Trail Canyon - Trachyte
Date: 10/05/2020
Fun Canyon with some nice down climbs we did run into a few nasty pools in the middle of Canyon you should high stem over. car to car in 3 hours
1 trip Hog Canyons - North Wash
Date: 10/04/2020
We did hog one it was a pretty good Canyon with a heinous hike out I would do a car shuttle for the other Canyons
1 trip Shillelagh Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/03/2020
One of my least favorite Canyons I've done in North wash but a quick Canyon to knock off a list we did it after shenanigans
1 trip Shenanigans - Middle West Butler
Date: 10/03/2020
Extremely fun and beautiful but definitely a lot of work 6 hours car car with a shuttle
1 trip Angel Cove Slot - Angel Point
Date: 10/02/2020
Beautiful easy Canyon with good repels but funky starts
1 trip Zero G Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 10/01/2020
Fun Canyon with the short set of Narrows and a few semi keepers makes for a relaxing day
1 trip North Fork of Iron Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 10/01/2020
Extremely beautiful Canyon I think it deserves more credit we did it in the afternoon after zero-g
1 trip Witch's Cauldron - Trachyte - Land of Oz
Date: 09/30/2018
Did this canyon with Mark and Chris from boulder. The upper section was fun with one section of high stemming on nice features and a down climb at the end. We did one 40 foot rappel to enter the lower section. The keeper pothole was full of sand, dry and easy to climb out of. After that nice tight slots with high stemming and we had to get wet near the end no wet suits necessary in the summer. to exit we down climbed the last rappel.


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