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1 trip3 trip Lower Eardley Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/30/2016
Lower Eardley is a real treat on a hot summer day. We camped just shy of the trail head at a previously used site and started the slog at 7 am. We opted for the both shortcut routes, the first avoiding the horseshoe and the second cutting the reef hike in half. As mentioned by other the crux of the shortcut is the very start just below the tree. We expected to downclimb sections but instead found 2 webbing anchors along the way down and this made the descent much easier and faster. The canyon was very full of water which made the potholes just a joy to play in. Somewhere after the second rap in the canyon we encountered a very black and VERY stinky pool that we did not read about on other trip reports. This pool requires a 20ft swim and is just rough on the olfactory systems. Other than that this canyon is a real treasure and SO GREAT on a hot summer day!!!
1 trip Zero G Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/30/2016
Zero Gravity your namesake does you well. This is such a sweet little treat of a canyon. Real short with a fairly easy slog to the start, its exposed but over flat land and only ~40 min. The canyon itself has some really fun obstacles like the semi-keeper silo mid way through. We used a pack toss to get up and over but it could also be easily partner assisted. The final tight section with the chockstone is SO narrow, my hips had no issue (size 33) but my chest was wall to wall and I just slid through. The pool area at the bottom makes a great shady hangout on a hot summer day as well. Would highly recommend not as a primary destination but a great combo for Iron Wash (North Fork) or Lower Eardley


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