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Canyoneering Training

First and foremost, if your going to start canyoneering, GET TRAINING! Sure, everyone you know does canyons, and THEY most likely don't have training. So why bother?

Canyoneering is an easy sport, as long as things go well on easy terrain. Shirt or hair get caught in a device 1/2 way down an overhanging rappel? Anchor washed out, and there is nothing to build a new one with? Rope doesn't reach? What was supposed to be a pool is now a keeper pothole? The usual person that sets up the rappel forgets which knot to use or how it should be rigged?

There is a lot of room for error in canyoneering, and many mistakes may have fatal consequences. It is well worth your investment up front to get properly trained. A few high quality training companies include:

American Canyoneering Academy

Originally the American Canyoneering Association, and one of the largest training organizations, Rich and his group offer excellent instruction on all aspects of canyoneering.

North Wash Outfitters

A single place to shop for most any canyoneering related gear and training you will need in Southeast Utah. Many people I have canyoneered with have taken their training with nothing but high marks.

Uber Adventures

Based in California, Uber Adventures is known for high quality training, with many different course options available. Highly recommended by all that I know that have taken their courses.

Zion Adventure Company

The premiere training program in Springdale, Zion Adventure Company offers highly recommended training and guided trips around the Zion area. Having known several of the guides as friends, I can say they are a very high quality organization.

Gear (Canyoneering Specific)

Outdoor pursuits, and canyoneering in particular, are hard on gear. Spend your money up front and invest in high quality gear. It will pay dividends in the long run. A few gear companies I highly recommend are:

Canyoneering USA Store (maker of Imlay Canyon Gear)

I have used Imlay Canyon Gear since its inception. They make great products that stand up to canyoneering far better than non-canyoneering specific stuff. Highly recommended.

North Wash Outfitters

A single place to shop for most any canyoneering related gear you will need, North Wash Outfitters has always provided top notch service when I've ordered products from them.

Canyon Werks

A relative newcomer to the canyoneering gear market, they are setting a high bar for quality products that can take a beating. I have several of their rope bags, butt protectors, and a potsticker. All are very high quality and holding up well so far.