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RATING: Roadside Attraction
LENGTH: 1 hour
GEAR: Swimsuit, Towel, Trashbag
SEASON: Any, though road can be impassable if much snow.
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Kyle's Hot Springs is a small hot spring south of Mill City, NV. It is about 30 miles from I-80, making it a reasonable side trip if passing through. The location of the springs, perched on a small hill above a wide valley, has magnificent views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Sadly, the location is the highpoint of the hot springs. The water was very hot on my visit but also had an almost overwhelming sulfur smell. The smell was strong enough I elected not to soak and moved along fairly quickly.

From the foundations and well-crafted rock sitting pool, it is clear Kyle (or someone) had high expectations for the springs. A local I met nearby on my visit was unclear on the full history, but thought a resort had been planned at some point early on but was never fully finished. For my money, the strong sulfur smell would be too much for many soakers.

Getting There

Reach the springs starts from Mill City NV. This is exit 149 off I-80, about 30 miles west of Winnemucca, or about 45 miles east of Lovelock. Mill City does not have many services.

Once off I-80 head south on NV-400, this is the main road through Mill City. Follow it 16.5 miles to a sign for Unionville (on the right) and Kyle Hot Spring on the left. This is just before NV-400 turns to dirt.

Turn left onto Kyle Hot Spring road. It is easy to stay on the main road, except for a couple of key junctions:

  • 7.5 miles from NV-400. Major junction. Stay right (straight)
  • 9.5 miles - Major junction, go right.
  • 10.8 miles from NV-400, the end of the road and hot springs.


From the parking area, the spring is fenced in with a concrete base. On my visit, a couple of large plastic livestock troughs and some piping were strewn about. It appears bathers pipe the water from the spring downhill to troughs to soak in. This might help with the smell a bit.

Side Note: When turning off 400 to visit Kyle Hot Spring, the "ghost town" of Unionville is reached by going right instead of left off 400. Though considered a ghost town by some, it has seen much development in recent times, including restoring many of the old buildings. It is just a few miles off 440 and is an interesting side trip to visit a very old town with much history.


Printable Maps:
16.5 mile - Left onto dirt road and reset odometer

11T 409130mE 4478209mN

N40° 26' 58" W118° 04' 18"

7.5 miles - Jct - Stay Right (Straight)

11T 420208mE 4474467mN

N40° 25' 01" W117° 56' 26"

9.5 miles - Jct - Left

11T 422977mE 4472809mN

N40° 24' 08" W117° 54' 28"

10.8 miles - Hot Springs

11T 424946mE 4473279mN

N40° 24' 24" W117° 53' 04"


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