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RATING: Easy/Moderate Hike
LENGTH: 3-4 hours
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
WATER: Filterable at the lake
SEASON: Late Spring through Fall
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Blind Lake is the largest and deepest lake on Boulder Mountain. The lake is a reservoir created by the Forrest Service in the early 1900's, but there is not much evidence of that construction now. Today, Blind Lake is a spectacular high mountain lake tucked below the cliffs that make up the summit plateau of Boulder Mountain. The lake is a popular fishing destination and is said to contain some of the largest fish in the area.

The deep turquoise waters are lovely, and the hike a reasonable distance for even those with younger children. Our 1-year old enjoyed both the backpack ride into the lake, as well as toddling around and climbing on the many rocks along the lakeside.

Note: We visited in late summer when there was just a hint of the seasons changing. Timing it for a little later in the fall when the leaves are changing colors would be stunning and my recommendation.

Getting There

From Torrey, UT, go east on UT-24 a short distance to the junction with UT-12. Go south on UT-12 toward Escalante for about 5 miles to mile post 118. The signed Blind Lake/North Slope Road leaves UT-12 here on the right.

Follow the North Slope road (Forest Road #179). There are many smaller side roads, but stay on the obvious main road. At about 5.8 miles from pavement, the Fish Creek Trailhead road goes off on the left, stay right.

The road gets a bit rougher from here to the Blind Lake Trailhead. High clearance vehicles should not have a problem. Low clearance may be stopped at one or two rough patches. It is 2.5 miles from the Fish Creek Trailhead junction to the Blind Lake Trailhead. The trailhead is a small pullout and sign on the left side of the road on a bend.


From the trailhead, the well-used trail begins climbing relatively steeply through aspen trees. It flattens out a bit but continues an upward climb for just over a mile. Just before the lake, an unsigned junction is reached. Both go around the lake. My recommendation is to go left (clockwise) around the late. Blind Lake is not visible until you reach it. The big reveal from dense forest to the lake and cliffs is dramatic!

As the trail follows the lakeshore on the north side, it is far enough back from the lake for only occasional views. On the east side, a junction to Fish Creek is reached. Stay right here, to continue around the lake.

At the Green Lake junction, on the south side of the lake, stay right to finish circumnavigating the lake. After the Green Lake Junction, the trail climbs out of the trees a bit with great views of the surrounding country.

Note: This is an excellent and popular short backpack. Camping options are somewhat limited due to the steep rocky shore. There are a couple of sites on the north side of the lake and several excellent larger places on the east side of the lake. One or two small sites are available on the south side. I didn't see any good options on the west side.


Printable Maps:

12S 462629mE 4226900mN

N38° 11' 21" W111° 25' 36"

Fish Creek Jct

12S 461288mE 4225178mN

N38° 10' 25" W111° 26' 31"

Green Lake Jct

12S 460964mE 4225747mN

N38° 10' 44" W111° 26' 45"


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