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TICKS & TODOS: 17 Todo Lists / 4 Ticks
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear, Cold Water Protection
RAPPELS: 3+ to 25 m ( 83 ft. )
WATER: Much cold water exposure, heavy wetsuit REQUIRED.
SEASON: Spring, Fall
Sun Hi:70 Lo:45 Mon Hi:58 Lo:45 Tue Hi:65 Lo:41 Wed Hi:69 Lo:45 Thu Hi:73 Lo:48
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Choprock is a canyon with a history, and not one to be taken lightly. In 2005 two canyoneers died due to cold water exposure. This is a canyon for experienced and seasoned canyoneers only.

So, what makes Choprock more difficult and committing than its more casual neighbor Neon Canyon ? The canyon offers a fair bit of climbing, squeezing, and cold water exposure, all of which take a toll physically and mentally. Expect a 12+ hour day and start early. If your not on the trail by first light, your doing it wrong. Many groups have spent the night or gotten out in the middle of the night when they underestimated the length and difficulty!

This is a canyon that can be dramatically easier or harder depending on water levels. At low water, it is much easier. As the water levels rise, however, places that have logs wedged into constrictions become very difficult propositions. If the water level is too high to allow passage under the logs, you must climb up and over them, greatly adding to the difficulty and energy expended in the canyon.

What is the reward? Well, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding canyons to do. Several very distinct and different sections make up a very photographic and stunning canyon. A few moki steps 1/2 way through will leave you scratching your head. Stories abound of determined non-technical canyoneers and ancient peoples finding ways in and out of many sections of the canyon.

This is one not to be missed by skilled canyoneers. Intermediates that are very physically fit will do well with competent leadership. Beginners should stay away. Due to the cold water exposure, heavy wetsuits (5mm+) recommended at all times.
There are many approaches to doing Choprock. Some combine it with Neon or Ringtail on the same trip. I would recommend doing just Choprock if it is your first time through. Most will be pretty worked after a day in Choprock. A good weekend plan for doing it is to arrive at the traihead in the afternoon, have dinner, then backpack into Fence Canyon. Day 2, start at first light and do Choprock Canyon, finally hike out on day 3.

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