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RATING: Easy Hiking
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SEASON: Any, hot in the summer.
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One of the most magical things for me about hiking in Southern Utah is the rock art and signs of Indian habitation that are found dotting the landscape., In addition to having stunning and unique rock art, many of these sights are perched in sunny alcoves with amazing views.

Weavers Caves is one of those absolutely amazing rock art sites situated in a sunny alcove above a canyon with equally stunning views. It is easy, on a cool fall or winter day, to envision the ancient people basking in the warm sun in front of the caves. The caves have an incredible amount of rock art, much of it simple lines that have been imagined to be weaver’s needles and the site’s namesake. I found the lines fascinating, but there is also an area that appears to be finger impressions that I found even more intriguing. Did everyone in the family, tribe, or group leave a thumb print in these caves?

Note: Though a short and relatively easy hike, there are a couple of minor scrambling obstacles, two of which might be helpful to get a spot and/or a boost. Most should have no problem with these obstacles, but it does require a minor bit of scrambling.
panorama of Weavers Caves - Escalante

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