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Canyoneering Lost and Found Canyon - Arches National Park Canyoneering Lost and Found Canyon
Arches National Park

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TICKS & TODOS: 50 Todo Lists / 19 Ticks
LENGTH: 4-6 Hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear, extra webbing.
RAPPELS: 3 to 40 m ( 132 ft. )
WATER: None.
FLASHFLOOD: Low to moderate.
SEASON: Any, although summers can be very hot.
Sat Hi:57 Lo:36 Sun Hi:59 Lo:40 Mon Hi:62 Lo:36 Tue Hi:67 Lo:40 Wed Hi:69 Lo:45
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Arches National Park, with its high visitation, can sometimes feel crowded, and more like a day at the mall than a day in the wilderness. Lost and Found canyon is a wilderness experience tucked away in a very busy National Park. You are not likely to see others during your visit here but are likely to experience the quiet beauty that is the magic of wilderness.

The canyon itself is exquisite and unique. The first rappel goes through a small natural bridge. Magic! The rest of the journey takes you through an otherworldly landscape of towering spires, domes, narrows, with some amazing views. Lost and Found is suitable for most canyoneers, although it does require a bit of easy, yet very exposed climbing. It is best to have an experienced canyoneer or rock climbing in the group. An alternate, slightly longer outing, avoids the exposed climbing entirely, but requires a car shuttle.

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