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TICKS & TODOS: 14 Todo Lists / 4 Ticks
LENGTH: 1-2 hours
GEAR: 2 - 60 m ( 197 ft. ) ropes, light rack of cams from 0.5" to 2". Extra webbing recommended, as the anchor seems to attract a mish-mash of webbing and may need re-done.
SEASON: Any. Can be hot in the summer, but would make a great evening route.
Thu Hi:74 Lo:46 Fri Hi:76 Lo:52 Sat Hi:73 Lo:51 Sun Hi:76 Lo:51 Mon Hi:72 Lo:51
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Wilson Arch is visited by thousands every year, as it sits prominently next to highway 191 south of Moab. The arch is magnificent, and often photographed, but for the adventurous, a great adventure awaits. The arch can be climbed at a relatively easy level (5.3), but with jaw dropping exposure. A big rap down the arch at the end is the cherry on top.

For those that are inclined, the arch can be rappelled with a simul-rap, but an anchor also exists for those wishing to do a standard rappel.

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