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LENGTH: 1 hour
GEAR: Swimsuit and Towel if cooling off in the falls.
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Pioneer Horace Sheley was ahead of his time with an ambitious vision of pumping water from Mill Creek over to Spanish Valley. His vision did not come to fruition until about 1981 when the modern day construction and ambition culminated in the in the creation of Ken's Lake.

Moving the water required drilling a 645-foot tunnel and pumping water from Mill Creek up through the sandstone tunnel to an outlet high on the ridge. The water then cascades down a rocky created channel filling Ken's Lake. En route from the ridge to the lake, Faux Falls was created. The falls are a stunning contrast to the dry surroundings and a great place to hang out on a hot summer day. There are not deep pools for swimming, but rather cascades and shallow area to splash and refresh in.

Note: Ken's Lake is named after Ken McDougald, the water conservancy district chairman who spent 15 years working to see the project from inception to completion.

Getting There

Note: Ken's Lake Campground has sites near the falls. If camping in those sites, a social trail goes from the campground along the creek to the falls. Reaching the falls by vehicle requires high clearance for a couple of rough spots, but the road can be easily walked.

Go south out of Moab on highway 191 about 7.5 miles to mile marker 117.9.

  • Turn left here, on the signed Kens Lake road. Reset your odometer. ( 12S 634078mE 4261002mN / N38° 29' 14" W109° 27' 46" )
  • Follow this road 0.55 miles to a junction. Go right, toward the signed Mountain Loop Road. Reset your odometer again. ( 12S 634991mE 4261077mN / N38° 29' 16" W109° 27' 08" )
  • 0.6 miles - Stay left. ( 12S 635322mE 4260164mN / N38° 28' 46" W109° 26' 55" )
  • 1.4 miles - 4-way junction. Go left toward Kens Lake and reset your odometer. ( 12S 636358mE 4259284mN / N38° 28' 17" W109° 26' 13" )
  • Continue straight at mile 0.6, instead of turning left into Ken's Lake. ( 12S 637226mE 4259693mN / N38° 28' 30" W109° 25' 37" )
  • 1.0 miles - Turn Left Into Campground ( 12S 637886mE 4259890mN / N38° 28' 36" W109° 25' 09" )


From the trailhead, a well worn social trail meanders down to the picturesque base of the falls. If you're more motivated, follow the higher social trail that meanders up to the outlet pipe high on the ridge that creates the falls.

Note: For photographs, evening light is stunning as the falls generally face west.


Printable Maps:
Turn Left Into Campground

12S 637886mE 4259890mN

N38° 28' 36" W109° 25' 09"

Turn Right Onto Rougher Road

12S 637969mE 4260046mN

N38° 28' 41" W109° 25' 06"


12S 638444mE 4260312mN

N38° 28' 49" W109° 24' 46"


12S 638547mE 4260372mN

N38° 28' 51" W109° 24' 42"


12S 638653mE 4260503mN

N38° 28' 56" W109° 24' 37"


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