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TICKS & TODOS: 21 Todo Lists / 5 Ticks
LENGTH: 3-4 days
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear, 20 m ( 66 ft. ) rope, Wetsuit ( Bring a rope even if only doing the non-technical section )
RAPPELS: Technical Section - 1-2 to 7 m ( 23 ft. )
WATER: Generally a flowing stream. Much wading and swiming.
FLASHFLOOD: Very High - Do not enter if it rained recently or rain is in the forecast.
SEASON: Late Spring through early Fall
Thu Hi:83 Lo:56 Fri Hi:86 Lo:58 Sat Hi:85 Lo:59 Sun Hi:85 Lo:59 Mon Hi:78 Lo:57
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West Canyon likely needs no introduction for the aspiring canyoneer. It is often talked about by those who have been there, and several guidebooks rate it as one of the best adventures on the Colorado Plateau, including this write-up. If access were easier, West Canyon would be full of people. Due to the commitment to reach the canyon, however, you are unlikely to see many others while in the area.

For the uninitiated, West Canyon is one of the premier canyons on Lake Powell. It deserves premier status not because of it's technical challenges, but rather it's relatively easy passage, and stunning beauty. Mile after mile the canyon is breathtaking in its scale and scenery. The upper reaches of the canyon hold a short technical section. Although not particularly difficult, the remote nature of the canyon and difficult access leave this adventure best suited to intermediate or advanced groups. Even visiting the lower (non-technical) sections should be reserved for intermediates. There are a few climbing obstacles to be surmounted along the way that are not well suited to beginners.

Overall, this is one adventure not to miss if you have a competent group, and access to a boat. It is truly one of the great adventures of the Colorado Plateau.

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