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TICKS & TODOS: 6 Todo Lists / 2 Ticks
LENGTH: 2-3 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 1 - 30 m ( 99 ft. )
WATER: Generally very little.
FLASHFLOOD: High, but only for a short section.
Fri Hi:100 Lo:70 Sat Hi:98 Lo:70 Sun Hi:98 Lo:69 Mon Hi:99 Lo:69 Tue Hi:99 Lo:71
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Little Bull is one of those canyons that made a huge impression on me, and one I will not soon forget! I had decided to spend a hot June day in the White Roost area doing canyons solo. My first canyon of the day, North Fork, had been hot, but good. A canyon I had done before, it was nice to re-visit it. Done by noon, I was trying to decide what was next on the agenda when Little Bull caught my eye. I had a friend that had done it and said it was good. Short, narrow, fun. Perfect!

A short approach and short slot section lead to the first rappel and start of the business. Yup, this one was going to be narrow. The first rappel is two stages, with a pretty tight spot between the two stages. I had to exhale and push/wiggle a bit to fit. Gulp! The rest of that afternoon is a bit of a blur, as the primal area in the back of my mind frantically wondered if today would be the day I got trapped, while more rational parts tried to be reassuring. The feeling of relief when I finally got out of the slot was all encompassing. Phew!

My advice is caution if you are a bigger canyoneer. At 6'1"/190lbs, I would not want to be any bigger.

That being said, smaller canyoneers will love this one. I am anxious to go back with a partner to see if it was as narrow and tight as my mind made it out to be, or if being solo had skewed my perspective. It is a good canyon to do before or after Chambers since they are very near to each other.

Have fun. Don't get stuck.

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