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Canyoneering Tidwell Canyon - High Spur Canyoneering Tidwell Canyon
High Spur

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TICKS & TODOS: 22 Todo Lists / 4 Ticks
LENGTH: 4-6 hours
GEAR: Ascending gear
RAPPELS: 3 - Bring 2-15 m ( 50 ft. ) Ropes
WATER: Generally none.
FLASHFLOOD: Moderate, but you can see the whole drainage and skies on the approach.
SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring
Sat Hi:71 Lo:43 Sun Hi:73 Lo:46 Mon Hi:61 Lo:47 Tue Hi:65 Lo:41 Wed Hi:68 Lo:44
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If this were closer to pavement, Tidwell Canyon would unequivocally be one of the classic canyons. It has great, deep, dark narrows and easy passage. Although a bit short in length, it is a must do if you are in the area. The loop described here sees a variety of different narrows and scenery. Ascending is required, but the two drops that require ascending are short.

The trailhead has a great, remote feel and offers decent primitive camping with unparalleled views. Although a bit of an excursion to get all the way out to High Spur, the effort is worth it. Tidwell Canyon is best done in the Fall, Winter, or Spring when temperatures are cooler. Be sure to check road conditions before heading out, and make sure no storms are expected while your out there. Roads can become impassable quickly.

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