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Little Cottonwood Canyon

Canyoneering Extended Lisa Falls - Little Cottonwood Canyon Canyoneering Extended Lisa Falls
Little Cottonwood Canyon

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TICKS & TODOS: 2 Todo Lists / 0 Ticks
LENGTH: 3-5 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 4+ to 60 m ( 197 ft. )
WATER: Flowing once in the canyon. No wetsuit needed in hot conditions.
SEASON: Late Summer, Early Fall
Fri Hi:66 Lo:43 Sat Hi:61 Lo:35 Sun Hi:59 Lo:39 Mon Hi:59 Lo:35 Tue Hi:49 Lo:37
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If you are a hiker or are looking for the short version of Lisa Falls, see that trip here. If you are a canyoneer with excellent route-finding skills and a hunger for bushwhacking, read on!

This adventure extends the Lower Lisa Falls route by circling around to a higher section of the canyon and adds 4 rappels. Though the rappels and upper canyon are quite stunning, the route-finding, loose dirt, and seemingly endless scrub oak battles take away from the charm of the route. En route, we did several sections of easy 5th class climbing WITH exposure. Beginners, or really most people, are likely to find the approach frustrating and miserable. On the plus side, you will likely have the beautiful canyon to yourself until you get closer to the top of Lower Lisa Falls.

The reward for this effort is 5 lovely rappels down granite falls with big views of the south ridge of Little Cottonwood Canyon. However, I would recommend the lower section over the extended route. Motivated and skilled climbers can ascend up the canyon along the canyon floor for quite some way, and will likely enjoy that route more than the bushwack.

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