Boars Tusk

Red Desert

Climbing Boars Tusk - Red Desert Climbing Boars Tusk
Red Desert


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LENGTH: 1-2 hours
GEAR: Standard trad rack. Nuts work well in many spots. 2-60 m ( 197 ft. ) ropes. Due to the loose rock on the route, helmets are highly recommended.
SEASON: Any, although summers can be hot. Roads can be difficult to pass in the winter or when wet.
Towering 400 feet above the surrounding desert, the Boars Tusk is a striking feature. Very moderate climbing makes this a good destination for climbers of even modest ability.

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  1. by: JoFoster 2009-07-21 22:45:46.0
    The road around the feature was closed with the signing of the Jack Morrow Hills Record of Decision. Driving around is not permitted. The areas to the North, East and South are all part of the Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Areas where no motor vehicle travel is allowed at all since 1963. Climbing the feature is discouraged due to the fragile, friable volcanic rock and the fact that there are raptors that frequently use the feature for nesting and brood rearing and climbers have disturbed the nesting habits by climbing near the nest when there is a brood in process. Please consider removing this from your list of recommended trips. Look at it, take pictures of it ... don't climb it.
  2. by: cboyd 2010-03-14 04:48:56.0
    On 03-12-10 I went to the Rock Springs, WY. BLM Office. They said that Boars Tusk is on BLM Property, and that you can walk around it, on it, and climb it. There are no restrictions. Just be careful if you decide to climb it because of the loose rocks.
  3. by: Aaron Plant 2010-10-08 01:52:13.0
    I agree. Don't climb during nesting times. Jo Foster if you are concerned about these birds write the BLM, Bio Diversity Alliance and others to have restrictions on climbing during nesting seasons. Boars Tusk offers one of the most spectacular views of the Red Desert. This view will only help to protect the future of the Red Desert. Jo if you would like I will take you to the top so you can see for yourself. I guarantee you will change your mind. Peace
  4. by: JoFoster 2011-01-06 22:19:08.0
    Don't know who you talked to at the BLM but I suggest you research the Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan Record of Decision, page 16 which states “The Boars Tusk area will continue to be closed to surface disturbing activities …” and later that same section on page 17 “…facilities will be prohibited from being developed on the geologic feature”. It is closed. Hey Aaron, I appreciate the offer but I am ok. I climbed it a couple of times when I was a kid, back before I knew better. Been doing this climbing thing for a long time now; my first assent was Supremacy in Eldorado Canyon in Colorado in 1984. If it were allowed, I would do it in a heartbeat, but … it is not allowed.
  5. by: Brian in SLC 2011-03-15 19:40:56.0
    Disagree that the Boars Tusk is closed to climbing. Not sure why someone would take liberties with the JMHCAP ROD but the language pertaining to surface disturbing activities is with regard to minerals management, and, not recreation. Climbing is allowed. As per below: "Recreational activities, opportunities, and uses will be maintained." APPENDIX 3GREEN RIVER LAND USE PLAN(S) OBJECTIVES AND ACTIONSAPPLICABLE TO THE JMH PROJECT AREA ON BLM-ADMINISTERED PUBLIC LANDS REC-14 Surface disturbing activities are prohibited within ¼ mile of recreation sites unless such activities are determined to be compatible with or are done for meeting recreation objectives for the area. Generally, such activities (e.g., those associated with mineral development, roads, pipelines, powerlines, etc.) will be designed to avoid these areas. These areas would be open to development of recreation site facilities. An approved plan will be required prior to the site disturbance. REC-15 The natural values of Boars Tusk will be protected. Surface occupancy and surface disturbing activities are prohibited in this area, unless such activity would enhance management of these geologic features. A recreation project plan and an interpretive prospectus will be developed for the Boars Tusk. RED-5 Surface disturbing activities, mineral exploration and development, and seismic activities will continue where acceptable subject to the management guidelines provided in the Minerals section. RED-12 Recreational activities, opportunities, and uses will be maintained. A Tri-Territory Loop and Red Desert backcountry byway will be established.

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