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1 trip3 trip Leprechaun Canyon - North Wash
Date: 09/20/2015
Did the middle fork. This canyon was seriously narrow and sustained. We were in the narrows for 2 hours. Head lamps might be a good idea but not necessary. Bring knee pads and elbow pads (I didn't and it was a huge oversight). There was one pool in the narrows that could be stemmed over. The pool after the confluence was waist deep.
1 trip Arscenic Canyon - Poison Spring
Date: 09/19/2015
Really fun narrows with a few downclimbs after the one big rappel. No water in the canyon. Took about 4 hours in a group of 3.
1 trip Death Canyon - North Wash
Date: 09/18/2015
Did this one at sunset/night with a GPS for route finding. Had to do 2 short rappels, both into small pools of water. I think these pools are usually dried up. Took our group of 3 about 2 hours.
1 trip Upper Greasewood - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/04/2015
Many of the existing anchors were washed out or pretty worn out so new anchors were set up on almost every rappel. There are several small rappels in this canyon so make sure to bring enough gear to make new anchors if needed. We scrabbled out of the canyon about 100 meters before getting to the big drop and arch because of storm clouds developing overhead. It's a fun canyon that is worth checking out if you are in the area and limited on time.
1 trip Upper Black Box - San Rafael Swell
Date: 07/03/2015
Did this when the flows were around 20 cfs. We only did one ~45 ft rappel to get into the canyon. There was a chimney before the river that could have been rappelled but we down climbed it. The water was warm enough to not need a wetsuit. The log jam mentioned in the route overview has been washed out. This is a very relaxing canyon and definitely one I will do again!
1 trip Zero G Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/21/2015
The pools were cold but we didn't need a wetsuit.There was one semi-keepers. The last slot was very tight. An experienced climber could do this last section without a rope. A large person would probably have a hard time getting through this though.
1 trip3 trip Lower Eardley Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/20/2015
The approach was long and rigorous with a nasty scree field downclimb into the canyon. This canyon has a ton of great pools though. The water was warm enough to not need a wetsuit. The webbing on the rappels will likely need to be replaced very soon. The last rappel (~50ft) had a single bolt and a piton that had popped out. There were some rocks in the water that could have been slung but we just went off the single bolt. I would inspect this bolt and be prepared to back it up before doing this rappel after the next wash out. If you can handle the long approach in full sun I would recommend doing this one.