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White Roost

Canyoneering North Fork of Robbers Roost - White Roost Canyoneering North Fork of Robbers Roost
White Roost

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TICKS & TODOS: 22 Todo Lists / 14 Ticks
LENGTH: 4-7 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 4 to 22 m ( 73 ft. )
WATER: Generally very little.
SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring (no snow)
Fri Hi:81 Lo:52 Sat Hi:78 Lo:50 Sun Hi:78 Lo:50 Mon Hi:75 Lo:50 Tue Hi:71 Lo:48
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The North Fork of Robbers Roost has always been one of my favorites. Relatively short, but quite beautiful, it is a charmer. On our groups first trip through in about 2005, we saw little signs of traffic. On my most recent trip, I was surprised at the well worn trail. Clearly this has become a popular canyon.

There are two commons ways to do North Fork. The first is the "full meal deal". This involves seeing the whole North Fork, then exiting up the Crack Route. Expect about 5-7 hours for this loop. Exiting the Crack Route requires a little bit of climbing skill. It is lower 5th class, and should not be a problem for intermediate or better canyoneers, but rank beginners may find it intimidating.

The other option is the short route, that exits right before the final rappel. This sees the most interesting section, but is an easier exit and shorter day. This is recommended. If you want to see the full canyon, I would still recommend the short route, but fix the last rappel, hike down as far as desired, then ascend up the final rappel and take the short exit. The final rappel is an easy jug, and the short exit an easier/better alternative than the Crack Route.

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