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RATING: Easy Hiking / Roadside
LENGTH: 2+ hours
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
WATER: None.
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Just a few minutes from downtown Moab, Kane Creek is a gem for those searching for rock art, with a liberal sprinkling of panels throughout the area. Moonflower Canyon Panel, Elephant Panel, Owl Panel, False Kiva, and Birthing Rock are just a few of the very popular and often photographed rock art sites to visit in the canyon. There is much to see and do, plan on at least a half day or even a full day to really enjoy all of the sights.

Much of the rock art in Kane Creek is either visible from the road or a short walk to visit, making this a family-friendly outing that I recommend to all. The road is generally easily passable to most vehicles, though can get muddy at times after recent precipitation.

Getting There

From downtown Moab, head to south to Kane Creek Blvd. Turn right on Kane Creek Blvd. (This is currently where the McDonald's and Burger King are.)

  • Reset odometer as you turn onto Kane Creek Blvd. ( 12S 626362mE 4269376mN / N38° 33' 50" W109° 32' 59" )
  • 2.6 miles - Moab Rim Trailhead and Pit Toilet on the left. ( 12S 623455mE 4268771mN / N38° 33' 32" W109° 34' 59" )
  • 2.7 miles - King Bottom Campground ( 12S 623368mE 4268646mN / N38° 33' 28" W109° 35' 03" )
  • 3.05 miles - Moonflower Campground / Trailhead on the left and rock art panel. ( 12S 623137mE 4268307mN / N38° 33' 17" W109° 35' 12" )
  • 3.5 - Dirt road goes off on the left and up a hill. This is the Elephant Panel Trailhead. ( 12S 622637mE 4267587mN / N38° 32' 54" W109° 35' 34" )
  • 4.0 miles - Small Sheep Rock art panel next to the road on the left. ( 12S 622334mE 4267010mN / N38° 32' 35" W109° 35' 46" )
  • 4.3 miles - Small petroglyph panel next to the road on the left. ( 12S 622112mE 4266521mN / N38° 32' 19" W109° 35' 56" )
  • 4.6 miles - Pritchett Canyon Trailhead ( 12S 622059mE 4266123mN / N38° 32' 07" W109° 35' 58" )
  • 4.7 miles - Road turns to dirt with a big parking area on the right. ( 12S 622011mE 4266036mN / N38° 32' 04" W109° 36' 00" )
  • 5.1 miles - Small parking area and trail going up to a panel on the left. ( 12S 622546mE 4265578mN / N38° 31' 49" W109° 35' 39" )
  • 5.3 miles - Large parking area on the right. This is the False Kiva Trailhead, and also the Amasa Back Trail Parking area. ( 12S 622314mE 4265360mN / N38° 31' 42" W109° 35' 48" )
  • 5.8 miles - Amasa Back Trail ( 12S 621895mE 4264888mN / N38° 31' 27" W109° 36' 06" )
  • 6.1 miles - Birthing Rock on the right. Small parking area. This is also the trailhead for Map Panel. ( 12S 621821mE 4264647mN / N38° 31' 19" W109° 36' 09" )
  • 6.18 miles - Boulder with petroglyph on the right. ( 12S 621845mE 4264524mN / N38° 31' 15" W109° 36' 08" )
  • 6.2 miles - Parking are on the left just after cresting a hill and starting down the other side. This is the Funnel Arch Trailhead. ( 12S 621995mE 4264439mN / N38° 31' 12" W109° 36' 02" )
  • 6.9 miles - Spring Site Walk in Campground ( 12S 622505mE 4264245mN / N38° 31' 05" W109° 35' 41" )
  • 7.7 miles - Hunter Canyon Campground ( 12S 622319mE 4263329mN / N38° 30' 36" W109° 35' 49" )
  • 8.0 miles - Ice Cream Parlor Climbing Area on the left. ( 12S 622006mE 4263348mN / N38° 30' 37" W109° 36' 02" )
  • 9.5 miles - Ledge A Campground ( 12S 621541mE 4261386mN / N38° 29' 33" W109° 36' 23" )
  • 9.9 miles - Ledge B Campground ( 12S 621699mE 4260561mN / N38° 29' 06" W109° 36' 17" )
  • 10.3 miles - Ledge C Campground ( 12S 621920mE 4260107mN / N38° 28' 51" W109° 36' 08" )
  • 11.3 miles - Ledge D Campground ( 12S 622052mE 4258687mN / N38° 28' 05" W109° 36' 03" )
  • 11.4 miles - Ledge E Campground ( 12S 622055mE 4258554mN / N38° 28' 01" W109° 36' 03" )


Rock Art and Historic Site Etiquette
Rock art and historic sites are fragile, non-renewable cultural resources that, once damaged, can never be replaced. To ensure they are protected, please:
  • Avoid Touching the Petroglyphs: Look and observe, BUT DO NOT TOUCH!
  • Stay on the Trails: Stay on the most used trails when visiting sites, and don't create new trails or trample vegetation.
  • Photography and Sketching is Allowed: Do not introduce any foreign substance to enhance the carved and pecked images for photographic or drawing purposes. Altering, defacing, or damaging the petroglyphs is against the law -- even if the damage is unintentional.
  • Pets: Keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.
  • Artifacts: If you happen to come across sherds (broken pottery) or lithics (flakes of stone tools), leave them where you see them. Once they are moved or removed, a piece of the past is forever lost.

Moonflower Canyon
The first stop is Moonflower Canyon. This is a walk-in BLM campground that offers a lot of shade, making it a great summer camping spot. At the entrance to Moonflower Canyon, on the right, is a large panel. Just to the left of the panel is a crack where logs were wedged in years ago to create a slippery ladder up to a viewpoint. The logs are slippery and widely space and the moves a little tricky. Not recommended!

If you have time, wandering up through the campground to the big dryfall at the end of Moonflower is a great 20 minute round trip.

Elephant Panel Trailhead
There isn't much parking here, so besure to park off the highway and to not block any of the private property. The hike follows the dirt road up the hill. Once up the hill, stay left at the junction to continue following the road. The road has a right of way, but much of the land to the west is private.

When the road nears the cliff face, leave the road and follow the cliff face. There are several interesting petroglyph panels here, including the Elephant Panel. If time allows, I recommend following the cliff band all the way to where you can overlook Moonflower Canyon, then following the jeep road back to the trailhead. (2-2.5 miles round trip)

5.1 Mile Panel
The trail climbs up steeply here to the base of the wall. Once at the wall, most of the rock art is to the left, including some very large and impressive panels. As you reach the wall, and turn left. Keep an eye out for an Owl Petroglyph. It is very unique and interesting.

False Kiva Trailhead
From the False Kiva Trailhead, look east. A canyon is just to the right of a cliff point. Though a well-worn trail goes up the canyon bottom, look for a social trail going up the ridge directly to the cliffs. Follow this up to the cliff. Right on the end of the cliff is a False Kiva, and rock art. Follow the cliff band east to visit more panels.

Funnel Arch Trailhead
It is a short hike to Funnel Arch, but with a bit of scrambling and route finding required. From the parking area, head up hill using the path of least resistance to the cliff band to the north. There is a small drainage here that requires a bit of scrambling to surmount. (Class 4/Easy 5th class and can be spotted from below.) Once up the initial short climbing section, go left and find a social trail through a notch between domes. From here follow a cairned trail north then east to a small clearing and Funnel Arch. It is not visible until you are at it. Be sure to remember the way, route finding on the way back can be tricky if you weren't paying attention on the way there!


Printable Maps:
Moonflower Panel

12S 623094mE 4268231mN

N38° 33' 14" W109° 35' 14"

Petroglyph 1

12S 622877mE 4268020mN

N38° 33' 08" W109° 35' 23"

Petroglyph 2

12S 622649mE 4267536mN

N38° 32' 52" W109° 35' 33"

Petroglyph - Big Feet

12S 622955mE 4267608mN

N38° 32' 54" W109° 35' 20"

Petroglyph Elephant

12S 622946mE 4267685mN

N38° 32' 57" W109° 35' 21"

Petroglyph - Snake

12S 623076mE 4267809mN

N38° 33' 01" W109° 35' 15"

Petroglyph - Sheep

12S 622336mE 4267010mN

N38° 32' 35" W109° 35' 46"

Petroglyph 3

12S 622116mE 4266520mN

N38° 32' 19" W109° 35' 56"

5.1 miles - Small parking area and trail going up to a panel on the left.

12S 622500mE 4265595mN

N38° 31' 49" W109° 35' 41"


12S 622537mE 4265619mN

N38° 31' 50" W109° 35' 39"


12S 622484mE 4265649mN

N38° 31' 51" W109° 35' 41"

False Kiva Pets

12S 622430mE 4265242mN

N38° 31' 38" W109° 35' 44"

Birthing Rock

12S 621812mE 4264637mN

N38° 31' 18" W109° 36' 10"

Petroglyph Boulder

12S 621845mE 4264524mN

N38° 31' 15" W109° 36' 08"

King Bottom Trailhead

12S 622635mE 4267592mN

N38° 32' 54" W109° 35' 34"

False Kiva Trailhead

12S 622322mE 4265360mN

N38° 31' 42" W109° 35' 48"

6.2 miles - Parking are on the left just after cresting a hill and starting down the other side. This is the Funnel Arch Trailhead.

12S 621995mE 4264439mN

N38° 31' 12" W109° 36' 02"

Map Panel

12S 621900mE 4264703mN

N38° 31' 21" W109° 36' 06"

Funnel Arch

12S 622175mE 4264674mN

N38° 31' 19" W109° 35' 55"


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