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1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 10/14/2022
Always such a beautiful, simple, beginner-friendly canyon. After rappel two (the one below Hogwarts signature arch) there is a small drop. You can downclimb the drop, or go right (if you are facing down canyon) to the right wall, and slide down. I usually slide down. The downclimb is easier with a spot. After this, there's a stem over a semi-keeper. For first timers, this is their first stem. If they get scared, they can slide into the semi-keeper and go low. To go into the semi-keeper, there is a little drop at the end of the slide. As of 10/14/22, the semi-keeper had some water. Make sure there is a person on the other end of the semi-keeper to assist the person in the semi-keeper out. I am 5'7 and needed a hand to get out. After the semi-keeper, there is a small downclimb that leads into a very short but decently tight section. Then you hit the third rappel. There are two options for the 4th/last rap: 1: walk straight ahead in the wash until you reach the edge. The rappel is there 2: Instead of walking all the way down to the edge, go up to your right (if facing down canyon). Towards the edge of the top of the first summit, there is a large boulder with webbing.