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TICKS & TODOS: 19 Todo Lists / 18 Ticks
LENGTH: 3-4 hours
GEAR: 50 m ( 165 ft. ) rope recommended, wetsuit in cool/cold conditions
RAPPELS: 1 - 15 m ( 50 ft. )
WATER: Generally a couple of short swims
SEASON: Spring through fall
Tue Hi:68 Lo:48 Wed Hi:74 Lo:46 Thu Hi:78 Lo:49 Fri Hi:80 Lo:53 Sat Hi:78 Lo:51
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Fry canyon has a reputation for being a cesspool much of the time, with some of the most putrid water around. I'd like to be the first person to say this is not true, but alas, it can be true! During prolonged periods without rain, Fry can be very unpleasant to the nose.

Don't let that deter you though! The sections with water are short, and the canyon is sublime, with easy access, Indian Ruins, and fantastic slot sections. The short nature makes this a casual outing if passing through the area, and it does not require wetsuits during warmer seasons. The optional visit to the ruins at the end of the canyon adds to the adventure. Though clearly looted and stripped of artifacts years ago, the position and condition of the ruins are very well worth the visit.

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