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RATING: Hiking
LENGTH: 3-6 hours
SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring
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Lower Fish Creek used to be a hike I enthusiastically recommended to friends asking for suggestions for Cedar Mesa hikes. It still is, as it has some very good ruins, and phenomenal reverse hand panels. The catch now, however, is that the trail seems to have become overgrown with tamarisk and tumbleweeds in recent years. Though not insurmountable, long sleeves, long pants, and a bit of patience in dealing with the overgrowth is recommended.

Aside from a bit of overgrowth, this is still a fantastic hike with great scenery. The reasonable short, in-and-out route make it very suitable to families and those looking for a shorter hike. The ambitious can wander up Lower Fish Creek for a long distance. This hike offers a standard up and back trip, but also a suggested "mini-loop" that is good for getting out of the canyon bottom and taking in wide views of Comb Ridge.

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