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TICKS & TODOS: 12 Todo Lists / 4 Ticks
RATING: Easy hiking.
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear, wading shoes.
MAPS: Calf Creek, UT
WATER: The hike follows the Escalante River the entire way.
SEASON: Late spring through fall.
Sat Hi:65 Lo:40 Sun Hi:66 Lo:41 Mon Hi:54 Lo:41 Tue Hi:63 Lo:39 Wed Hi:66 Lo:42
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The impressive 130 foot high Escalante Natural Bridge offers an easy access, family friendly introduction to the Escalante area. This is a very good first hike in the region, and offers stunning beauty in a short distance. A natural bridge, an arch, ruins, and a panel, what more could a person want?!?! Those that are energetic, can continue up past the arch as far as energy allows, seeing more of the photogenic riparian canyon.

A couple of words of warning. My first Escalante experience, in the 1990's, was in June and so buggy I literally ran back to the car swatting and whimpering from the Deer Flies. It can be VERY buggy in the spring, bring long pants/sleeves and bug repellant. Also, for a few weeks in early spring, the Escalante river can flow high enough to be difficult to cross. Save this hike for after spring run-off. It can be a lovely hike in the winter if you don't mind having to cross the river a handful of times.

Getting There

From Escalante, go east on highway 12 toward Boulder. About 14 miles out of Escalante, just after crossing the bridge over the Escalante River (MP 73.9), turn left (west) to a parking area and trailhead. This is just a couple of miles BEFORE the Calf Creek campground.


Rock Art and Historic Site Etiquette
Rock art and historic sites are fragile, non-renewable cultural resources that, once damaged, can never be replaced. To ensure they are protected, please:
  • Avoid Touching the Petroglyphs: Look and observe, BUT DO NOT TOUCH!
  • Stay on the Trails: Stay on the most used trails when visiting sites, and don't create new trails or trample vegetation.
  • Photography and Sketching is Allowed: Do not introduce any foreign substance to enhance the carved and pecked images for photographic or drawing purposes. Altering, defacing, or damaging the petroglyphs is against the law -- even if the damage is unintentional.
  • Pets: Keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.
  • Artifacts: If you happen to come across sherds (broken pottery) or lithics (flakes of stone tools), leave them where you see them. Once they are moved or removed, a piece of the past is forever lost.

To Escalante Natural Bridge (30-40 minutes)

From the parking area, follow the social trail up stream. It is easy to follow and crosses the stream a handful of times before reaching the Escalante Natural Bridge on the left side. A social trail scrambles up underneath the arch and offers up close views of this impressive arch. Morning light can be quite good here for photographs.

The Skyline Arch (10 more minutes)

From Escalante Natural Bridge, continue up stream keeping an eye out on the skyline on the left. An arch appears shortly. As the social near the cliff on the left side and rounds a corner, a ruin and panel are visible at the top of a small hill. Follow the social trail up to visit them. Just beyond this, the walls become vertical on the south side below the arch.

Still energetic? Sand Creek, a major side canyon, comes in on the right a few minutes up stream from the panel. Staying along the Escalante River, the canyon deepens and is quite photogenic. The social trail continue to the town of Escalante (16 or so miles away). Wander up as far as energy allows.


Printable Maps:

12S 463049mE 4181035mN

N37° 46' 33" W111° 25' 11"

Escalante Natural Bridge

12S 460840mE 4180668mN

N37° 46' 21" W111° 26' 41"

Ruin and Panel

12S 460421mE 4180899mN

N37° 46' 28" W111° 26' 58"


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