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RATING: Easy Hiking
LENGTH: 3-5 hours
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
MAPS: Tenmile Flat, UT
WATER: None.
SEASON: Any, although summers can be hot.
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Zebra and Tunnel Slot are both unique and distinct spots. Often photographed, Zebra lives up to its name with amazing pink stripes. Tunnel Slot, as the name implies, is a short section of slot resembling a tunnel.

Bring your camera and the kids, this is a great family outing. The hike is reasonably short, with straightforward navigation. Though it can be brutally hot in the summer, it is still do-able with an early morning start or visiting in the evening. My preference is to visit in the fall or winter.

Getting There

Head east out of the town of Escalante about 5 miles on highway 12 until the well signed Hole in the Rock road.

  • Turn onto the Hole In The Rock Road and reset your odometer. ( 12S 453596mE 4175370mN / N37° 43' 28" W111° 31' 36" )
  • Go 8 miles to just after a cattle guard. The trailhead on the south side of the road. This is 0.2 miles before Halfway Hollow. ( 12S 460697mE 4165897mN / N37° 38' 22" W111° 26' 44" )


From the trailhead, cross the road and find a well-traveled hikers path on the north side of the road near the cattle guard. Follow this north while it meanders its way down to Halfway Hollow. The trail is well defined and well cairned. It will take 40-50 minutes to reach the bottom of Halfway Hollow. Near the bottom, the trail cuts left over low meanders and heads directly for Zebra. Follow it, crossing Harris Wash, and heading for the first obvious side canyon.

Zebra is wide open where it joins Harris Wash, but becomes deeper and narrower within 10 minutes of heading up it. Where it narrows, you may encounter a few pools from ankle to waist deep. 15 minutes up the canyon you will enter the short, but amazing Zebra section that ends at a small dryfall you can upclimb. This is the best section of Zebra. Above the small dryfall is a large pothole and the canyon opens. Head back down to Harris Wash when finished.

To reach Tunnel Slot, go down Harris Wash a little less than a mile (20-30 minutes) from Zebra to the first side canyon coming in on the left. Go up this side canyon about 10 minutes to reach the Tunnel. It can be dry, or a deep pool.

Return up Harris Wash to Halfway Hollow and follow the trail back to the trailhead.


Printable Maps:

12S 460697mE 4165897mN

N37° 38' 22" W111° 26' 44"


12S 463205mE 4168361mN

N37° 39' 42" W111° 25' 02"


12S 464146mE 4167647mN

N37° 39' 19" W111° 24' 23"


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