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RATING: Moderate Hike
WATER: Plenty, bring a filter.
SEASON: Late spring through fall
Mon Hi:43 Lo:25 Tue Hi:41 Lo:26 Wed Hi:40 Lo:24 Thu Hi:41 Lo:24 Fri Hi:46 Lo:25
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Though a mediocre hike, I can't think of a better destination in the western Uinta's. This was one of my first backpacking trips many, many years ago, and still one I enjoy. The destination more than makes up for the somewhat hmm drum hike in. For me, the major attraction of Hell Hole is the solitude. Though an incredible destination, the area seems to be overlooked by most. Even on holiday weekends, your not likely to see more than one or two other groups, if that.

Two routes are described. The shortcut route is by far the recommended route, though it only saves a mile each way, it is more scenic and the original route in. The drawback is it does require wading within 10 minutes of the trailhead.

So, bring a fishing pole, book, and backpacking gear and settle in for a day or two around the lake. For the ambitious, this is a great jumping off point to summit A1 or Kletting peak.

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