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TICKS & TODOS: 6 Todo Lists / 1 Ticks
LENGTH: 5-7 hours
GEAR: A short 10 m ( 33 ft. ) rope may be useful.
WATER: Generally little. No wetsuit needed.
FLASHFLOOD: Moderate/High
SEASON: Any, hot in the summer
Thu Hi:82 Lo:48 Fri Hi:89 Lo:52 Sat Hi:84 Lo:55 Sun Hi:86 Lo:53 Mon Hi:81 Lo:52
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Every time I've done Psycho Damage I've had the same thought at the end; "wow, that was a little harder than I remembered, but what a great canyon!" That sums up my take on the canyon.

The canyon gets its name from one of the early (or possible first) descents in 2005 when a group got stuck mid-way through with rain overhead and darkness fast approaching. The group bivied, and escaped the next morning, but the canyon had made an impact and the name Psycho Damage was born. I was fortunate enough to descend it a year or two later with a group that included Steve Ramras and Tom Jones, two of the original crew. For a good read on the first descent, check out Tom's Latest Rave.

Though very short in length, this one packs a punch. Advanced canyoneers only! This is one that experienced climbers may enjoy as well. The crux section for big guys, such as myself, is likely a narrow squeeze through before a silo. Short folks may find the silos a bit of a stretch and bit intimidating. The canyon doesn't offer an easy ride for anyone. Be prepared for exposed stemming and silo crossings. The canyon does not have any rappels, but a short rope is prudent in case you need to lend assistance to someone or lower/raise packs. Pack light!

The last downclimb is generally into a pool. I have seen it from full on swimmer to waist deep wade. You can move quickly and get into the sun shortly after.

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