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Millcreek Canyon

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RATING: Easy hike
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
MAPS: Mount Aire, UT;
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SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
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On the list of hikes to do in Millcreek Canyon, I would put this one fairly low, though it does make a good off the beaten path excursion. Starting at Terraces Picnic Area, the hike meanders up to a ridge that offers a few distant views of Baker Pass, Mount Raymond, and Gobblers Knob before re-entering the woods and meandering down to Elbow Fork.

Though not a highly recommended outing, it is nice that you can make the hike into a 6 mile loop by returning on the pipeline trail.

Getting There

Millcreek Canyon is on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley, just south of I-80 and Parleys Canyon. To get there, take I-215 South from I-80 and take exit 4 off of I-215 and go left (east) on 3900 South.

Turn left on Wasatch Blvd just after crossing under the highway, then the next right on Millcreek Canyon Road.

0.7 miles from the junction of Wasatch Blvd and Millcreek Canyon Road is the entrance to Millcreek Canyon and the pay booth.

Note: The upper road section above 3.8 miles is closed from November until July 1st. Upper canyon hikes are best done in the summer or fall to avoid a fair bit of road walking. This is a good spring hike if doing the loop.

Mileage below is from the pay booth.

0.7 miles - Pipeline Trailhead on the left (north).
2.4 miles - Church Fork Trailhead on the left (north).
2.5 miles - Desolation on the right (south).
3.4 miles - Porter Fork on the right (south).
3.5 miles - Burch Hollow Trailhead (north).
3.7 miles - Terraces Picnic Area / Trailhead (south). Start trailhead.
3.8 miles - Winter Gate Closure
5.4 miles - Elbow Fork Trailhead (Mount Aire). Exit trailhead is you have two vehicles.


Terraces to Elbow Fork (2.6 miles / 1-1.5 hours)
From the Terraces Picnic Area Trailhead follow the trail a short distance to a fork. Go left here, toward Elbow Fork. The trail is casual for a while before beginning a bit of a climb to the ridge. An open area at the ridge makes a great break spot and the best views of the hike. Mount Raymond and Baker Pass are visible to the south. Raymond is the peak with the rock cliffs on its right side.

The trail re-enters the forest. A side trail here goes off on the right and (presumably) down to Bowman Fork. If you happen to see it, stay left. The trail soon begins its steep descent down to Elbow Fork with intermittent views of Mount Aire to the north through the trees.

Optional Loop down Pipeline (2.9 miles / 1 hour)
If you don't have two cars or just want to make a loop out of the hike, cross the road and join the Pipeline Trail just down the canyon at the Elbow Fork Trailhead. The Pipeline Trail has a few ups and downs but is generally fast and easy walking. It is very popular with bikers, so keep an eye out if you have a dog.

The Pipeline Trail traverses past the Burch Hollow junction (stay left), crosses Burch Hollow, and then begins a switchback descent back down to the road. Go left at the major junction just above the road to get back to the Burch Hollow Trailhead.

To Terraces Trailhead (0.5 miles / 10 minutes)
If you left a vehicle at Terraces Picnic Area, it is about 0.2 miles up the road to the Terraces Picnic Area junction, then another 0.3 miles up to the trailhead parking.


Printable Maps:
Trailhead - Terraces

12T 439500mE 4505383mN

N40° 41' 50" W111° 42' 58"

Trailhead - Burch Hollow

12T 439070mE 4505643mN

N40° 41' 58" W111° 43' 16"

Trailhead - Elbow Fork

12T 441731mE 4506379mN

N40° 42' 23" W111° 41' 23"

Jct. - Left

12T 439499mE 4505402mN

N40° 41' 50" W111° 42' 58"

Minor Junction - Left

12T 441252mE 4505275mN

N40° 41' 47" W111° 41' 43"

Pipeline Jct - Left

12T 438810mE 4505654mN

N40° 41' 58" W111° 43' 27"


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