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RATING: Easy Tubing
GEAR: Inner Tube, water, and sunscreen
MAPS: Aspen Grove, UT; Bridal Veil Falls, UT;
SEASON: Summer
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Dog days of summer got you down? Looking for a mellow way to beat the heat? Tubing the Provo River is the perfect solution to a summertime heat wave. The float is mellow and quite suitable for most. A few minor riffles and one old railroad bridge are the only difficulties along the way, and most people walk around the railroad bridge. The Provo is a much tamer float than the popular tube section of the Weber River and a good one to start with.

Expect a casual float of about 2 hours from the put-in to Vivian Park. The water is dam released, so the water temp stays in the 50's all summer. A tube with a bottom to help minimize water exposure is recommended. Small inflatable rafts, duckies, and river kayaks are also popular transport vessels; paddles allow for easier steering without having to drag your hands in the cold water. Due to the cold temps, I would only recommend this on hot summer days. We floated on a 90-degree day and it was perfect.

Note: Children under about 8 might be better suited to sharing a tube or inflatable boat instead of captaining their own vessel.

Also, be mindful of the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms common in mid to late summer.

Finally, if you are not interested in buying your own tubes or running your own shuttle, there are several companies that provide tubes and shuttles for a reasonable rate, include High Country Adventure and Provo Canyon Outfitters.

Getting There

Head up Provo Canyon on US-189. From the entrance to the canyon where the stop light is, continue up US-189 for about 6 miles to Vivian Park on the right side of the road. This is the takeout. Park anywhere available here.

Continue past Vivian Park on US-189 for an addition 4 miles to a road on the right (Deer Creek Road). This is just before Deer Creek Reservoir. The road follows the main road east, then makes a bend. Stay on it around the bend as it starts heading back down the canyon.

At about 0.3 miles, turn right and follow the road to a large parking area where a bridge crosses the river. This is the put-in.


Either put in just above the bridge or immediately downstream from it. The float casually meanders down the Provo River with occasional glimpses of Mount Timpanogos to the north. There isn't much to watch out for, though you'll see a few tubes punctured along the way. Punctures seem to occur when inattentive tubers have not seen the errant tree snag or sharp rock protruding out of the stream. Some of the rock obstacles in the river are spray painted to help you avoid this fate.

About 2/3 or a little less of the way downstream, the river goes under a wooden railroad trestle that the Heber Creeper train runs on. This shouldn't be much of an obstacle, but is the scene of countless accidents, including a broken leg the day before our float. Single tubes should flow through pretty easily, staying right will keep you in the lowest flow section. Many takeout on the right just before the trestle, hop the log fence and put back on the river just below the bridge. This is an easy portage and recommended if you have any concerns. Double tubes I would definitely recommend the bypass since the slots under the bridge are fairly narrow.

Below the trestle, the river seems to slow a bit. The takeout is on the right just before the bridge to Vivian Park, or on the left just after it and would be hard to miss.

Note: The land on the both sides of the river has a lot of private property signed no trespassing. Respect private landowners and stay in the river.


Printable Maps:

12T 454953mE 4472418mN

N40° 24' 04" W111° 31' 51"

Trestle Bridge

12T 452899mE 4469644mN

N40° 22' 34" W111° 33' 17"


12T 451309mE 4467434mN

N40° 21' 22" W111° 34' 24"


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