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As a child, I was always fascinated by and on the hunt for "pretty rocks". Granted, 10-year old me may not have had the best eye for what constituted a "pretty" rock, but I always enjoyed the hunt. '

Apparently some things you never outgrow! Black Rock Spring in Utah's West Desert is home to a large deposit of Obsidian. Born from the volcanic activity in the area millennia ago, Obsidian is a smooth volcanic glass. It was prized over the centuries by people for making arrow heads and other sharp tools, as it can be shaped relatively easy by chipping.

Today, Black Rock Spring makes a great family friendly roadside attraction to spend some time hunting for pretty rocks. Obsidian is generally black, but with a bit of hunting around, Black Rock Spring also contains snowflake obsidian that contains small white specs resembling snowflakes, as well as other red speckled obsidian. The area around the spring is a bit picked over, but wandering away from the spring will yield plenty of interesting rocks. A sunny day is recommended, as the obsidian glints brightly in the sun and is easiest to spot on sunny days.

Getting There

From Delta Utah, go west out of town on US-50. About 5 miles from Delta, turn left (south) on UT-257.

Go south on UT-257 for 42.6 miles to a signed dirt road on the east (left) side that is signed for Kanosh. (Mile Post 26.7)

  • Reset your odometer as you leave the highway. The road crosses the train tracks, then heads north for a few minutes. ( 12S 332126mE 4293266mN / N38° 46' 20" W112° 55' 57" )
  • 2.5 miles - Stay straight on main road. ( 12S 335534mE 4292795mN / N38° 46' 07" W112° 53' 35" )
  • 3.4 miles - Stay straight on main road. ( 12S 337031mE 4292454mN / N38° 45' 57" W112° 52' 33" )
  • 4.8 miles- Stay left on the main road. ( 12S 339218mE 4291773mN / N38° 45' 36" W112° 51' 02" )
  • 6.0 miles - Side road to spring. ( 12S 340718mE 4292868mN / N38° 46' 13" W112° 50' 00" )


From the spring, wander around the spring and main road. There are patches of obsidian dotting the hillsides.


Printable Maps:
Black Rock Spring

12S 340792mE 4292781mN

N38° 46' 10" W112° 49' 57"


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