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RATING: Roadside Attraction or Short Hikes
LENGTH: 1+ hours
SEASON: Late Fall, Early Spring. Winter when there is no snow on the ground.
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Today, Lakeside is a remote point of land on the west side of the Great Salt Lake. In 1901, the scene was very different. In that year, the settlement of Lakeside was created by railroad workers preparing to span the Great Salt Lake with a trestle bridge. This enormous engineering effort would shave 44 miles off the existing train route north via Promontory Point, saving time and money. Trestle construction began in February 1902 and completed in March 1904. Once complete, Lakeside was left abandoned back to the wilds.

In the 1940s, much of the land south of Lakeside became part of the UTAH TEST AND TRAINING RANGE and is off limits to public access except the one main road passing through it.

Then, in the 1950s, with the trestle causeway becoming a maintenance burden, a new causeway was designed. Lakeside again came to life as the railroad used the area as a staging area and quarry in the construction of the new causeway.

Today, the area is still used for mining and salt evaporation ponds but has a distinctly remote and wild feel. It has a wild beauty and seeing the Lakeside Cave (which is more of a large alcove than a cave), evaporation ponds and Gunsight Point make for a great family friendly outing.

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