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3 trip Red Reef - Leeds
Date: 09/23/2023
3 trip Happy Canyon (via Poison Spring) - Dirty Devil
Date: 10/21/2022
Incredibly beautiful. Very muddy/wet though in bottom
1 trip Shenanigans - Middle West Butler
Date: 10/20/2022
Walk out and hike out so so but not too bad. Canyon excellent. 5 stars. 1.25-1.5 hr end of last rap/pool of water to car stash
3 trip Moki Mesa - Potash Road
Date: 10/12/2022
No one out here
3 trip4 trip Sevenmile Canyon and Intestine Man - Moab
Date: 10/08/2022
Long flat easy walking… Nobody else out here
1 trip Hogwarts Canyon - North Wash
Date: 04/27/2019
1 trip Hog Canyons - North Wash
Date: 04/26/2019