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1 trip North East Fork of TCB - Robbers Roost
Date: 05/02/2020
This canyon is tight, requires a lot of stemming, shimmying, chest to back squeezes, was full of debris when we went, and required some interesting moves to avoid getting stuck. It appears with how the drainage works on it it is easy for debris to get stuck at all levels of the canyon. Definitly give yourself a little more time than 3 hours if you're not used to this kind of canyon. Definitely a great canyon to build your stemming skills as well as getting used to tight and narrow canyons if you already have some canyoneering experience. I do not recommend bringing anyone into this if they are not used to some aspect of tight spaces. We were in there longer than expected and decided to get out early about mid-way through the canyon, there are several spots where if you boost people up and spot appropriately someone can sneak over the top and lower webbing to allow for an early escape.