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RATING: Easy hiking
GEAR: Standard Hiking Gear
MAPS: Grover, UT;
WATER: None.
SEASON: Spring, Fall, Winter if no snow
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It is a rare day that I recommend a hike that is along an ATV trail. Slickrock Bench Trail, near Capitol Reef, is a hike I will make an exception for. The hike is fairly unremarkable, but the destination is pretty, and I think well worth the hike. Even though this is an ATV trail, is it a rough one, and didn't seem particularly well traveled. If hiking in the off season, you are likely to have it to yourself. We visited on a late fall Saturday and saw no signs of recent travel and didn't see anyone on our trip. The end of the hike makes a great lunch spot.

Note: This hike is outside of the National Park, so dogs are allowed. There is no water on the hike, however, so bring all that will be needed.

Getting There

From the east side of Torrey, head south on highway 12, toward Boulder/Escalante. Follow highway 12 for 7.1 miles. Just past the small town of Grover, the Miners Mountain Road takes off on the left and is signed.

  • Reset your odometer as you turn onto the Miners Mountain Road off of highway 12. ( 12S 470020mE 4230475mN / N38° 13' 18" W111° 20' 33" )
  • Follows the road as it winds through a few houses and fields. At the junction at 1.2 miles, stay left on the main road. ( 12S 471194mE 4229254mN / N38° 12' 39" W111° 19' 45" )
  • At 2.3 is a Y junction. Go right here, an addition 0.1 miles and park anywhere convenient in the large open area. ( 12S 472324mE 4228142mN / N38° 12' 03" W111° 18' 58" )
  • Trailhead ( 12S 472338mE 4227957mN / N38° 11' 57" W111° 18' 57" )


From the open parking area, follow the rough jeep/ATV trail south as it steeply climbs a very rocky hill. In 5 minutes is a signed trail junction. Go right here, as the trail flattens a little and becomes a bit less rocky.

In 30 minutes, a minor side road takes off on the right. Stay on the main trail (Left). The trail meanders in and out of small drainages and over ridges. At about 1.5-2 hours (3.25 miles from the trailhead), the trail climbs onto slickrock and rounds a point; this is the recommended destination.

The point has massive volcanic boulders dotting the landscape and creates a dramatic contrast of black rock on white sandstone. To the east is Capitol Reef National Park, with the Henry Mountains visible in the far distance past the park.

Note: The trail continues on past the point, but is not particularly interesting. This used to be used as an old road between Grover and Boulder.


Printable Maps:

12S 472338mE 4227957mN

N38° 11' 57" W111° 18' 57"

Junction, go right.

12S 472373mE 4227722mN

N38° 11' 49" W111° 18' 56"

Forest Boundary

12S 471868mE 4227750mN

N38° 11' 50" W111° 19' 17"

Junction, go left.

12S 471731mE 4227268mN

N38° 11' 34" W111° 19' 22"

Corner and Views

12S 472615mE 4225282mN

N38° 10' 30" W111° 18' 46"


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