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Could the rural area around Kanab, Utah be the resting place of Montezuma's gold? Did the Aztec hide their mythical treasure deep in the sandstone? Freddy Crystal, a prospector back in 1914 believed so. Based on stories and evidence he compiled in Mexico, he set his sights on the white sandstone peaks in southern Utah as the resting location. His hunt around Kanab began in 1914.

Finding petroglyphs, and a series of moki steps in Johnson canyon, Freddy believed he had found his treasure in 1922. He found tunnels that appeared to have been built and sealed by the ancient Aztec. Upon returning to Kanab, Freddy sold his idea to the townspeople and enlisted their help. For the next couple of years he and many of the townspeople worked to excavate the tunnels. No gold was ultimately ever found.

These days, a visit to the Montezuma Mine's is unlikely to result in finding gold, but the area is interesting and fascinating with quite a rich history. The BLM is in the process of trying to close this historic treasure. Hopefully it will remain open for many to visit in the future.

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