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GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 3-4 to 24 m ( 79 ft. )
SEASON: Any, though summers can be hot.
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Ghost Rider makes for an excellent evening canyon or beginner friendly canyon. Though not touted as a destination canyon, I must say I enjoyed it immensely as a way to break up a long drive while passing through. Ghost Rider has a short approach with 3-4 rappels in relatively rapid succession, followed by a casual exit. A mile and an hour are all the canyon takes.

Ghost Rider is also an excellent choice for rounding out a Cherry Canyon day as well, as it is very nearby. As of 2018, all anchors were bolts and chains.

Getting There

The trailhead is off the Cedar Pockets road in the Virgin River Gorge. This is exit 18 from I-15 about 17 miles west of St. George or 20 miles east of Mesquite NV. This is the same exit for the Virgin River Gorge Campground. Once off the highway, travel north on a good dirt road for 1.8 miles to a turnout on the left, just after a short side road on the right that goes to a campground. Ghost Rider Canyon crosses the road just up from the turnout.

Note: The road is generally pretty good. High clearance helps, but a carefully driven car should make it as well.


Approach (5 minutes)
From the trailhead, follow the road a minute or so to the wash, then turn right and head down the wash. The wash is Ghost Rider Canyon.

R1 - 2 m ( 7 ft. ) - This is a downclimb for most, but someone has installed a bolted anchor if needed.
R2 - 8 m ( 27 ft. ) - A few minutes down from R1, the canyon drops at the first "real" rappel.
R3 - 24 m ( 79 ft. ) -The big rappel in the canyon, and most photogenic in my opinion.

After R3, it is a short walk to R4.

R4 - 8 m ( 27 ft. ) - A final short rappel, then the canyon open and join a large wash.

Exit - 15-20 minutes
Just before Ghost Rider joins the large wash, look for a social trail leaving on the right. This well worn social trail climbs to the ridge, then follows a side road back to the main road right near the trailhead.


Printable Maps:

12S 250915mE 4095590mN

N36° 58' 25" W113° 47' 53"

Drop In

12S 250878mE 4095637mN

N36° 58' 26" W113° 47' 55"

Rappel 1

12S 250969mE 4095610mN

N36° 58' 25" W113° 47' 51"

Rappel 4

12S 251133mE 4095598mN

N36° 58' 25" W113° 47' 45"


12S 251252mE 4095646mN

N36° 58' 27" W113° 47' 40"

Main Trail

12S 251256mE 4095572mN

N36° 58' 24" W113° 47' 40"


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