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The Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks offers a short, family-friendly outing when heading to or from Moab on UT-191 from I-70. The tracks are essentially a roadside attraction, though visiting does require a tiny bit of walking. What is the attraction? A well-preserved set of dinosaur tracks and the first brontosaurus trackway reported from Utah. The tracks will delight children and those young at heart. This is one of the roadside attractions I recommend to those with kids. The trailhead offers a good spot for picnic lunch while pondering the dinosaurs that used to roam the area.

Getting There

The trailhead is reached by turn off to the east on a dirt road at milepost 148.6 on UT-191. This is the highway that links I-70 from Crescent Junction to Moab. The dirt road is about 23 miles north of Moab, or 8.5 miles south of I-70.

  • Turn off UT-191 ( 12S 605784mE 4298051mN / N38° 49' 30" W109° 46' 53")
  • Shortly after leaving the highway, stay right on the main dirt road. ( 12S 605934mE 4298205mN / N38° 49' 35" W109° 46' 47")
  • 2.0 miles - Parking area and trailhead. ( 12S 607314mE 4298632mN / N38° 49' 48" W109° 45' 49")


From the trailhead, walk the jeep road a few minutes uphill, keeping an eye out for the tracks. They usually have a rock ring around them, so they are easy to spot.

Note: Dinosaur tracks are rare! Please do not touch, mark, step on, or otherwise do them any harm! They have seen some destruction just in the last few years since I have been visiting them. Please help preserve them for future visitors.


Printable Maps:

12S 607462mE 4298824mN

N38° 49' 54" W109° 45' 43"


12S 607308mE 4298638mN

N38° 49' 48" W109° 45' 49"


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