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TICKS & TODOS: 9 Todo Lists / 2 Ticks
LENGTH: 6-8+ hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 6+ to 30 m ( 99 ft. )
WATER: Generally one short shallow pool near the end. No wetsuit recommended except in cold conditions.
SEASON: Spring, Fall
Sat Hi:73 Lo:44 Sun Hi:75 Lo:48 Mon Hi:64 Lo:49 Tue Hi:65 Lo:43 Wed Hi:70 Lo:45
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SGR Canyon, aka S#@! Got Real Canyon, is a very different type of canyon than any other canyon I have done in Moab. The canyon is a physical day of elevation gain, route finding, high stemming, and rappels, very unique for Moab.

Of the people that I know who have done it, comments have ranged from "amazing!" to "meh.". I would lean more toward the "amazing!" side of the spectrum. Though the actual canyon sections are short, they are unique, beautiful, and well worth the effort to visit.

Given the length of the day, do this one in spring or fall when temperatures are more moderate. It would be unbearably hot in the summer, and snow or ice on the approach in the winter will make reaching the canyon difficult or impossible. Primitive camping in the area is excellent.

Warning: All members of the party should be fit, advanced canyoneers. There is no safe way to protect a high stemming section (80+ feet off the canyon floor). This is a very dangerous canyon for those not confident in their high stemming abilities. If you are unsure what is meant by the term high stemming, this is not the canyon for you.

Due to the logistics of the stemming/rappels, small groups size recommended.
Note: Times vary greatly for the canyon. I would recommend an early start to help ensure success. Many groups take 6-8+ hours. The 3 in our group were all fast hikers and technically experienced. The approach took us 2 hours, the canyon a bit under 2 hours, and the exit a bit under an hour. Throw in a few breaks and we were about 5.5 hours trailhead to trailhead. I would say that would be considered a pretty fast pace. Most fit and experienced groups should be in the 6-8 hour range.

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