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Angel Point

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Angel Point

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LENGTH: 2 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 1 - 10 m ( 33 ft. )
WATER: None.
SEASON: Any, hot in summer
Thu Hi:32 Lo:23 Fri Hi:35 Lo:21 Sat Hi:36 Lo:12 Sun Hi:37 Lo:14 Mon Hi:37 Lo:16
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This is a 1-star canyon that is hard to recommend. The canyon has one short rappel, but is otherwise open and easy walking. It is better recommended for those looking for a short hike to the Dirty Devil than for a those seeking a technical canyoneering adventure. Skilled hikers would likely be comfortable fixing a rope and handlining down the less-than-vertical drop.

Note: Access is generally possible in carefully driven cars. The last 1/2 mile can be rough, but can also be walked if needed. Given the easy access and low flashflood potential, this makes a nice outing if weather has thwarted your other plans, as was the case when Cristina, Lucy and I visited.

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