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Canyoneering Lupacchiotta Canyon - Central Swell Canyoneering Lupacchiotta Canyon
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TICKS & TODOS: 25 Todo Lists / 9 Ticks
LENGTH: 2-3 hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 1-2 to 25 m ( 83 ft. )
WATER: Generally none.
SEASON: Any, no snow
Fri Hi:71 Lo:50 Sat Hi:68 Lo:46 Sun Hi:68 Lo:47 Mon Hi:64 Lo:46 Tue Hi:61 Lo:43
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One of the things I love about the San Rafael Swell is the diversity of canyons. From pothole challenges, like Quandary and the Squeeze, to more mellow en-devours, like Baptist Draw, or this one, Lupacchiotta (lou-paw-key-o-ta), the Swell offers it all.

This is a short, casual affair in the highest region of the Swell. Though only a couple of hours, it makes a nice casual break when passing through on nearby I-70. The canyon has straightforward anchors, and no downclimbing, making it very suitable for beginners or hikers with a little technical experience. The biggest challenge is finding the canyon, good map and compass skills or a gps are needed.

Aside from the rappels, the route descends a surprisingly deep Wingate walled canyon, and offers a unique short tunnel mid-way through. Highly recommended! When Cristina and I first descended it, we had wonder-dog Lucy Lou in tow, so decided Lupacchiotta, Italian for "little wolf", was a good name. Though not a huge fan of the rappels, Lucy enjoyed the canyon quite a bit.

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