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TICKS & TODOS: 12 Todo Lists / 3 Ticks
LENGTH: 5-7+ hours
GEAR: Standard Technical Gear
RAPPELS: 12 to 52 m ( 171 ft. )
WATER: A few pools, wetsuit in cool/cold temps
SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
Tue Hi:67 Lo:42 Wed Hi:72 Lo:45 Thu Hi:75 Lo:48 Fri Hi:74 Lo:47 Sat Hi:73 Lo:47
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A classic canyon that is often overlooked, Water Canyon makes a great beginner technical canyoneering adventure or even just a hikers day out. For beginning canyoneers, the many rappels all generally have good anchors and easy starts. The canyon is outside of Zion National Park, so no permit is needed. The canyon can have 10+ rappels or much fewer depending on what you choose to rappel and when you choose to leave the drainage.

Note: The canyon has a few short slot sections, but is mostly quite open with many areas of sun. This makes it a good choice in cooler temps. Most of the time you will only encounter a few waist deep wades (at most). After recent rains, when tippy top full, I encountered a few very short swims and a handful of waist deep wades all interspersed with long sections of sunshine. No wetsuit needed except in cool temperatures.

For hikers, it is less than a mile from the trailhead to a spectacular area of seeps and a small waterfall. The perfect spot to wile away a hot summer afternoon. Adventurous hikers can continue up to the rim and wander the expansive mesa top following the canyoneering approach.

Water Canyon is one of the most heavily used canyons in the Zion area, though almost exclusively by guided groups. Many of the rappels have multiple anchors, so passing slower groups can be done politely. If in doubt, please ask the guide if you can pass, and how to do so.

Anchors are generally in place and rigged correctly. Please do not make changes to the anchors. If you do not understand how to use an anchor, you can look around for another anchor or think harder.

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