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SEASON: Spring through Fall.
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Established in 1965, Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge is an oasis in the otherwise bleak, high desert of Wyoming. The 26,400 acre refuge provides a welcome break in the limitless sagebrush plains. Visited as early as the 1300's by Indians, over 200 species of birds have been spotted here, not to mention many types of mammals and other wildlife that call the area home. The area was used, more recently, by travelers moving west in the mid-1800's. Some of the old wagon ruts are still visible in the area. On even a short visit, your are likely to see many different bird species as well as other mammals.

Seemingly overlooked by many, the refuge provides a great weekend getaway for sight seeing, fishing, and canoeing or rafting. While camping is not allowed in the refuge proper, just a few miles up the road near Fontenelle Dam, there are several free campgrounds that are within a 15 minute drive of the refuge. They provide primitive camping, with no water, but with garbage bins, and pit toilets.

Although there is an auto route through the refuge, and dirt roads with many turn outs and view points, the best way to experience it is via a canoe or raft. There are boat ramps, conveniently located about a 1/2 day float a part, making floating sections each day easy. The float is class I, with a few rocks and very small riffles to negotiate. It is very family and beginner friendly, and highly recommended. All total, Seedskadee encompasses over 30 miles of river, making for several days worth of paddling and exploring.

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