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North Fork of Mill Creek - Moab

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I stop by left hand every time I'm down in Moab. Backflips of the rock wall are awesome and easy, just remember to pull your legs up once you hit water to avoid hitting the bottom. The water is very shallow (6 feet at deepest, usually 4-5 feet), so make sure you ask someone familiar with jumping where to jump. Youll want to hit the water 3 feet to the right and 2 feet out from where the white bubbles of the waterfall turn into ripples when standing on the 25ish foot rock wall. The jump I've never seen done is the castle. Its way farther up from the rock wall, the highest up thing you can possible imagine jumping from. If you think its impossible, youre looking at the castle. Ive gainered from halfway up the castle but I hit the bottom of the pool every time even when I tuck my legs. Another fun thing to do is use the waterfall as a waterslide.