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Quality Ratings


Great little canyon. Some of the bushwhacking was horrible, and for that reason most people in the group might rate it slightly lower. The downclimbs were fun, though, and the water features were enjoyable too, particularly the slide into the final pothole at the Maidenwater confluence.

Super fun canyon with easy approach (easy and short with 4WD shuttle, easy and medium-length with 2WD shuttle). No raps but some challenging and fun down climbs. Some unavoidable water unless you want to get real sketchy on the down climbs. Last pothole is very fun and possibly 1000 feet deep. Bushwhacking is terrible in brief portions and you'll get poison ivy. Very pleasant exit hike up maiden.


We didn't really like this one. No water at all, obsticals were ok but kind of boring we went down to juilted lover exit but decided to hike back up the way we came to have fun climbing up the obsticals

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